Baratang Island is a beautiful island, located at distance of 90 KMs from the Port Blair City. This island is spread over a vast area of nearly 238 squares, which is separated by creeks on both ends. Mud Volcano and limestone caves, Baludera beach, and Parrot Island are some of the few reasons to visit here at least once.

Limestone Cave
Limestone caves are the stalactites and stalagmites, which over a period of time, faced erosion and formed such interesting shapes. Located in Nayadera, this natural wonder is an unparalleled amalgamation of patience and uniqueness. You can take a boat from Baratang Island and enjoy the journey by seeing the Mangrove Forest. The boat ride is a lifetime experience as in the beginning the boat travels through Mangrove forest and later into the forest. Cost per head : Rs 450/- (above 3 years)
Mud Volcano
If you move merely 4 KMs from the Baratang jetty, Mud Volcano is another point of attraction where mud with air bubbles pops out of vents. Cost per vehicle : Rs 500/-
Baludera Beach
Baludera Beach is another beautiful empty beach just 9 KMs from Nilambur in the Eastern side of Baratang Island. This beach is quite isolated and yet to explored. Not just this, the eco-friendly tree top huts as well Elephant rides allure the senses of vacationers. Cost per vehicle : Rs 500/-
Parrot Island
Parrot Island is a small island, located in the proximity of Baratang Islands. This island is also considered the perfect place for all the bird lovers. Visitors can come and get mesmerized by a glimpse of thousands of parrot’s returning to their homes. The visit is carried out in the evening and the boat takes you around the island. Compulsory night stay is required to visit Parrot island. Cost per Boat (max 6 members) : Rs 2600/-

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